Beginning Band: # 30-37 in your band book.   Please go this website, print, and begin working on "Bingo" and "Old MacDonald."

Concert Band: #57-66 in the book.  Prepare 57, 61 and 62 for Around the World.   Concert B flat scale in the back of your book.  Work to the second numbered box on Jurassic Park.  This is a link to listen to the song.    TRUMPETS:  you are supposed to look up 3 different artists and listen to their music.  CLARINETS:  be working B flat vs. B natural and B and C going over the break.

Symphonic Band: Be working long tones with a tuner.  Greatest Showman measures 143 to the end.  Please have this fully prepared for class on Friday.  See your remind for a link to the song list.  PERCUSSION: has some fantastic tutorials  for percussion rudiments and grooves.  Spend some time here to hone your skills.

ALL BANDS: Don't forget your practice challenge! 

Play through these videos.  You can also try to match the pitches of the drone with just your voice on the Tonal Energy Tuner app.    Bb-D-F-Bb

Use "blue" for 1, "jel-lo" for 2, and "huck-le-ber-ry" for 4 instead of their counting system.